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Logan Paul Sold His Soul?

    This is just a random pillow they chose to be cute and funny, nothing to ‘see’ here…
    • Pupil, eye of the beholder, dollar sign = love of money.
    • Duality ‘hey you have to do some evil to get some good’, black and white = duality religion.
    • One eye, shout out to the pagan god of egypt = horus.
    • Result = Prime bottle, thats my huge extreme financial success, bowing at the feet of all the symbols.

    Wake up! its all symbols that teach and magic they show = “movie magic”
    “They” are telling you everything you need to know, constantly and ever more blatant by the day.

    If you fall for it, that is on you! That’s how they see it, because you are profane..
    You are outside of the circle of knowledge.

    Thankfully, the opposite is true in God’s Kingdom, you are the elect, the princes and princess that are heirs to His Throne by the Grace of Jesus Christ, adopted sons and daughters that are no longer orphans in this corrupt, lonely world.

    After making fun of Jesus and promoting homosexuality, Logan Paul responds with “feeling his wrath” which he calls the “Karmic energy of the universe”

    Ah! Its just bad luck, happenstance guys!

    Did Logan Paul Truly Repent? Or… did he just make excuses, just like the excuses for the crypto-currency scams, the forest debacle and animal cruelty allegations on his pigs [worth nothing that the animal is a pig, a prevalent symbol in Judaism and Christianity] and any other “karmic problem” that presents itself in his life.

    The main two revealing itself shortly after calling Jesus “silly”. The goal simply continues to be the drive for more views, more attention and more revenue no matter what the cost, even to the detriment of fans; insensitive and derogatory content for his young majority viewership that he influences continues to push him to new heights.

    One thing to note from the Holy Bible is that in order to repent it is written, you must

    Believe in the savior God Jesus Christ of Nazareth and come before his gates humbly to ask for forgiveness, not call His wrath bad luck from karmic energy in the universe.

    Its like totally karmic bro!

    Did Logan Paul Sell His Soul? Let us know in the comments.

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